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Sunday, June 11, 2017

In the age of Moses the Hellenic Kingdom falls due to volcanic eruption only heroic Pontus remains.

Friday, December 30, 2016

Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Control Of the Asia Minor Flank King Othon Early 1820s Invented By Paleologos Lemonis.

Monday, October 05, 2015

  • King Othon 1...1832-1862

  • King George 1....1863-1913

  • King Constantine 1...1913-1917

  • King Alexander 1...1917-1920

  • King Constantine 1 second reign....1920-1922

  • King George 2...1922-1924

  • King Paul 2 1947-1964

  • King Constantine 2 1964-1973

Tuesday, April 07, 2015

Greece Assembly Greek Constitutional Laws Contributing in Union To Form New Greek State...

Monday, October 27, 2014

The Northern Sporades Islands 1821 and for many an Oath To The Friendly Society Of Greece.
Origins Dorian Elders Of The Hellenes.Inventors Of Fire........

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Thursday, November 15, 2012

  • Ambassadors Of The Hellenes....

    1. To one Of the greatest Philosophers of Germany Friedrich Wilhelm Nietzche writes about Gioldasis Armies in Treason.

  • Uniting attempts Greek Orthodox Church  And Catholic Church.

    • The Gioldasis Family has been in war Over 600 years.

    1. Yol the way a Turkish Medieval dervish used mostly by the Janassaries.

    1. Yol/Yoldas Comrade.

    1. Oldach is indeed a noble name used By the First settlers of America.


      Freedom Of Agrapha 1525 AD..


    • Byzantine Influence on the Ottoman Empire throughout the 14th Century.


    • Inventors of Greek Modern warfare. 


  • First Organized Police Force in Greece- Karpenissi.

    1. Economic Supervisor of Greece/Souli G.P Gioldasis.

  • Warden Greece Jail....
  •  yol/the way....

  • yoldach/traveler..

Thursday, October 18, 2012


In the beginning was the Word and Word was with God and the Word was God.Ottoman development of Balkan Europe.Alexander the Great/St Sisoes.


Replica early Greek Empire.

Wednesday, October 17, 2012

  1.  As of the period up to the years of the early 1900s.The first Senator into the Parliament of the Greeks was Giannakis  Gioldasis.During the early 1800s there was a Noble King from the house of ludwig1.His name was King Othon  first King of the Hellenes.

  • Giannakis Gioldasis was indeed the first Senator but has also a great contributor to the Greek Government.A General in the Revolutionary Army he held the secret key to open the door of politics in Greece as we understand.He has given much to Greece from 1844 to 1884 electing and working around the Political system many great Senators.He was in truth a Great man he was a Senator until his death 1851..He was succeeded by his son Senator Georgoulas Gioldasis 1847 for his long standing support of the Greek Parliament and his Great service serving 6 terms after his son Senator Konstanitinos Gioldasis standing with his faith and heart loyal to the family and Country.

Much could be said about the Gioldasis Family Zaxarias Gioldasis brother of Giannakis Gioldasis had the rank of Hiliarhou an Ancient Roman Rank used mostly in Roman Armies.Kostas Seretes Gioldasis without waiting one day before the declaration of war of Velis he took his men and attacked the Turkish-Ottoman Army.Being outnumbered he did bring down with words War come down atrocities of any war to Free his Nation from the evils of the Ottomans.He was Proudly named a General of the Revolutionary Army.

  1. Mitro Kostas Gioldasis cousin of Seretes injured and named a Lieutenant General of the Army.Nikos Gioldasis served with Field Marshal Karaiskakis and General Botsaris was also in many battles as so these great men where trusted with the Great tast of uniting Greece with the battle field of the Hellenes.Panos Gioldasis was indeed Inspector of the Military Under a General Command.Haralambos Gioldasis was the youngest and indeed serve in the Revolution of Greece from the Turks serving in Vonitsa thebes Petra. General of the Revolutionary Army Demetrios Gioldasis.

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

  • Trapped within the Church of Archangel Michael surrounded by enemy fire.They strike down upon the earth in the Church they hide.And and a miracle takes place water to sustain the troops,They fought off the Turkish-Ottoman armies for weeks or so.This a Icon of Archangel Michael made from blood and mud of our most holy saints who martyred and ask for Michael the Archangel for help.

  • The Archangel is one greater even than the bishop of the church.The Archangel is the protector of the people.Making them worthy and useful.
  • Church of Archangel Michael .
  •  Last Primary NEC/NOC
    110X-Unrestricted Line Officer - not qualified or in training for any specialty Last NEC/NOC Group
    • Officer

  • Winning International Exhibit Thessaloniki Sugar Prunes Silver Medal.Great with Coffee.1939....

Peter Gioldasis

  •  Greek Military Motorcycles   
  • Green Berets.         

Tuesday, October 09, 2012

The Greek National Anthem is about one man more powerful and able to win the world all by Himself.                           

Retired Lt.Colonel with friends.

And also Professional Tailor Friends with Mayors Father.

  Lt Colonel Demetrios Gioldasis Exile in Chile  King of Greece of the year 1933.


Scotia ran aground did not sink 1956.

Sea fearing men trusting the thinnest board .Exchanging the most solid element land for the unknown motion of the sea.With faith surer than an anchor

Served with Captain John Karastamatis Owner Eletson Oil Shipping 2nd Command Stelios Gioldasis
also served with goulandris.
 Walked For 400 miles
also trainer bazookas 1938-1964

I know Garabaldi wore the same uniform unsure but it Must be below.
Most feared men at the time.But same calm.
 In defense of the Klan insurrection, Fleming writes that "the ex-Confederates . . . naturally [formed] secret associations . . . for self-defense." Fleming then furnishes European precedents for Pike's KKK: "the Carbonari of Italy, the Tugendbund and the Vehmgericht of Germany, the Klephts of Greece, Young Italy, the Nihilists of Russia, the Masonic order in most Catholic countries during the first half of the Nineteenth Century, Beati Paoli of Sicily, the Illuminati, etc." Such groups are "textbook cases" of the British colonial and secret service tradition of manipulating "indigenous" people

The agion oros of greece has 2500 greek tonnes of gold

Constantinople And Smyrna Constitute Many thousands of tonnes of Gold.

  many believe there was 38 Generals during wartime but was only 28.

Not Actually Klephts or good Klephts But More Romeliotes.Three ranks above klepht.

Order of King Constantine Order of King George 1 Created 1915  by Appointment King Britain Picatinny England.The Order Of Cross Of Valor One Star...........War Cross medal the sacred battalion of Greece.Two Allied Medals world war 1.

Triantafilos Stelianos Gioldasis

Same as one retired Lt.Colonel Greece. 

Godet,Berlin....Spink's and Son England.. 



captured war criminal (known to greeks as Millions)


Lieutenant Colonel Greek Infantry Division Pereklis Gioldasis 1920s

Trained Evelpidon


 Many had took there oath there to Join the Revolutionary Army.

    • Was born 1897 father had come from domnista and had lived in sporades skopelos for many years...
    • He who stands the old saying says knows resistance very old photo during war in Greece......
    • Gioldasis china art of tribal warfare...   
    •           oldach coat of arms 3 birds george washington and Tzortz has one exactly same but the one bird.                                           
    • General Spyros Gioldasis 

    •   General Stelianos Gioldasis 

      • General Panagiotes Gioldasis

    •  Evelpidon
    •  Glories of 1821 freedom of the hellenes....

        Byzantine Empire Cup Coin
        Some believe it has bits of the cross Of Jesus in it this coin.St Constantine.
        Greece-Hellas-Byzantium-A fist for a nail the cruix .Not sammara but Maria the bride of joseph.Torture in some Law books has been as Great to Confess The name I Am Yol Am I One.Some Where wrapped in bushes and forlorn even as ancient greece fell in the days of moses .From what i understand From translational books.Ancient Hellas the Home of Fire.just as Iron just as Lead!
        taken from the ancient greek text.explained.

           Gioldasis Family Icon Religion .

        thank you for visit to website.