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Tuesday, October 09, 2012

I know Garabaldi wore the same uniform unsure but it Must be below.
Most feared men at the time.But same calm.
 In defense of the Klan insurrection, Fleming writes that "the ex-Confederates . . . naturally [formed] secret associations . . . for self-defense." Fleming then furnishes European precedents for Pike's KKK: "the Carbonari of Italy, the Tugendbund and the Vehmgericht of Germany, the Klephts of Greece, Young Italy, the Nihilists of Russia, the Masonic order in most Catholic countries during the first half of the Nineteenth Century, Beati Paoli of Sicily, the Illuminati, etc." Such groups are "textbook cases" of the British colonial and secret service tradition of manipulating "indigenous" people

The agion oros of greece has 2500 greek tonnes of gold

Constantinople And Smyrna Constitute Many thousands of tonnes of Gold.

  many believe there was 38 Generals during wartime but was only 28.

Not Actually Klephts or good Klephts But More Romeliotes.Three ranks above klepht.

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