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Thursday, November 15, 2012

  • Ambassadors Of The Hellenes....

    1. To one Of the greatest Philosophers of Germany Friedrich Wilhelm Nietzche writes about Gioldasis Armies in Treason.

  • Uniting attempts Greek Orthodox Church  And Catholic Church.

    • The Gioldasis Family has been in war Over 600 years.

    1. Yol the way a Turkish Medieval dervish used mostly by the Janassaries.

    1. Yol/Yoldas Comrade.

    1. Oldach is indeed a noble name used By the First settlers of America.


      Freedom Of Agrapha 1525 AD..


    • Byzantine Influence on the Ottoman Empire throughout the 14th Century.


    • Inventors of Greek Modern warfare. 


  • First Organized Police Force in Greece- Karpenissi.

    1. Economic Supervisor of Greece/Souli G.P Gioldasis.

  • Warden Greece Jail....
  •  yol/the way....

  • yoldach/traveler..

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