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Tuesday, October 09, 2012

 Many had took there oath there to Join the Revolutionary Army.

    • Was born 1897 father had come from domnista and had lived in sporades skopelos for many years...
    • He who stands the old saying says knows resistance very old photo during war in Greece......
    • Gioldasis china art of tribal warfare...   
    •           oldach coat of arms 3 birds george washington and Tzortz has one exactly same but the one bird.                                           
    • General Spyros Gioldasis 

    •   General Stelianos Gioldasis 

      • General Panagiotes Gioldasis

    •  Evelpidon
    •  Glories of 1821 freedom of the hellenes....

        Byzantine Empire Cup Coin
        Some believe it has bits of the cross Of Jesus in it this coin.St Constantine.
        Greece-Hellas-Byzantium-A fist for a nail the cruix .Not sammara but Maria the bride of joseph.Torture in some Law books has been as Great to Confess The name I Am Yol Am I One.Some Where wrapped in bushes and forlorn even as ancient greece fell in the days of moses .From what i understand From translational books.Ancient Hellas the Home of Fire.just as Iron just as Lead!
        taken from the ancient greek text.explained.

           Gioldasis Family Icon Religion .

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