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Wednesday, October 17, 2012

  1.  As of the period up to the years of the early 1900s.The first Senator into the Parliament of the Greeks was Giannakis  Gioldasis.During the early 1800s there was a Noble King from the house of ludwig1.His name was King Othon  first King of the Hellenes.

  • Giannakis Gioldasis was indeed the first Senator but has also a great contributor to the Greek Government.A General in the Revolutionary Army he held the secret key to open the door of politics in Greece as we understand.He has given much to Greece from 1844 to 1884 electing and working around the Political system many great Senators.He was in truth a Great man he was a Senator until his death 1851..He was succeeded by his son Senator Georgoulas Gioldasis 1847 for his long standing support of the Greek Parliament and his Great service serving 6 terms after his son Senator Konstanitinos Gioldasis standing with his faith and heart loyal to the family and Country.

Much could be said about the Gioldasis Family Zaxarias Gioldasis brother of Giannakis Gioldasis had the rank of Hiliarhou an Ancient Roman Rank used mostly in Roman Armies.Kostas Seretes Gioldasis without waiting one day before the declaration of war of Velis he took his men and attacked the Turkish-Ottoman Army.Being outnumbered he did bring down with words War come down atrocities of any war to Free his Nation from the evils of the Ottomans.He was Proudly named a General of the Revolutionary Army.

  1. Mitro Kostas Gioldasis cousin of Seretes injured and named a Lieutenant General of the Army.Nikos Gioldasis served with Field Marshal Karaiskakis and General Botsaris was also in many battles as so these great men where trusted with the Great tast of uniting Greece with the battle field of the Hellenes.Panos Gioldasis was indeed Inspector of the Military Under a General Command.Haralambos Gioldasis was the youngest and indeed serve in the Revolution of Greece from the Turks serving in Vonitsa thebes Petra. General of the Revolutionary Army Demetrios Gioldasis.

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